Budget-Friendly Bathroom Cabinet Refinishing Tips

Refinishing or repainting bathroom cabinets is an easy way to refresh the look of the room without spending a fortune on new hardware and a complete kitchen or bath remodel. With proper preparation and application, you can do in one weekend what a professional painter will often charge you thousands of dollars to do.

Before you begin, make sure that your bathroom cabinet doors and drawer fronts are in good shape and that all hinges, handles, and knobs are secure. Next, label each piece of wood (the backs of the cabinet doors are a great place to start). This will help you keep track of which door and drawer front goes where. This will also help you later when it comes time to re-attach the doors and drawers.

Clean the cabinets thoroughly with TSP or a comparable degreaser to ensure that all grease, dust, and other debris is removed from the surface. This will improve the adhesion of the new paint to the cabinets and avoid any bleed-through or peeling later.

Sand the cabinet surfaces before painting to scuff them up or smooth them if needed. Most of the time this is not necessary with standard cabinets but if yours have been painted before or are super slick, a light sanding with p220 grit will give you a better surface for the new coat of paint to adhere to.

Once the cabinet surfaces are sanded, apply a good quality primer. Be sure to follow the manufacturers instructions for priming and drying times. It is a good idea to use an oil-based primer for this type of project because it will provide a better base for the latex paint that you will be applying over it. If using an oil-based primer, be sure to wear a respirator and work in an open and well-ventilated area (such as outdoors or in a garage).

When the primer has dried, you can start on the actual painting. Be sure to apply a thin coat of paint to avoid runs and beading. Apply a second coat as needed. Then, once the paint has dried, you can re-attach the drawer and cabinet doors.

Choose your paint color and sheen, keeping in mind that a higher sheen will be more durable and will resist moisture better than an eggshell or flat finish. Be sure to use a mold- and mildew-proof interior paint.

When choosing a paint color, remember that it is easier to change the look of a room with accessories and other small touches rather than trying to match the exact shade of your cabinets. Be sure to buy enough paint for the entire project so that you don’t run out partway through the process. Having extra paint will allow you to touch-up any areas that need it and will be handy for future projects as well.

If your bathroom is in need of a serious overhaul, consider hiring the best cabinet refinishing company in Tampa to breathe new life into your space. This is a cost-effective, eco-friendly option for updating your bathroom that can save you up to 250% of the cost of replacing the cabinets. Plus, it’s an excellent way to preserve the original integrity of your bathroom, which can be difficult when attempting to do a complete renovation on your own.

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