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Good news everybody. With the release of the new anthology book "3 Times" we are now accepting submissions for short stories, and short (16 page) story arcs. We at Thunderfrog pride ourselves on giving upcoming, and unpublished creators a forum to have their work published, and to "get it out there". We will dispose of all submissions if not accepted so that no one (including us) has access to it anymore, so please make sure you keep a copy for yourself. Please do not inquire as to the status of your submission unless you have not received a response from us stating that we have received it after 2 weeks. WRITERS: please send only a PLOT outline of your proposed story, or story arc. We will review your plot, and if we accept it , we will contact you in regards to obtaining a full script for the story. Remember, "3 Times" is an anthology book. Stories, if accepted, nust be no longer than 8 pages or 16 pages (broken into 2 parts). PENCILERS: 3-5 pages of pencil art. Just send pencils, Do not send inked, colored or lettered pages. If there are flaws in the inking, coloring or lettering, they may influence our opinion of your penciling. Just send sequential pages, not pin-ups. We are looking for your ability to tell a story with pictures, not just your ability to draw. INKERS: Please send copies of your inks, along with copies of the pencil pages you have inked over. COLORISTS: Don't send samples color over your own line art. Any flaws in the underlying black and white artwork will influence our opinion of your coloring. TEAMS: If you have a team already put together, Please send it all together while following all the guidelines above for each individual position. For example: Plot, 3-5 pages of pencils, inks, and colors. We are not accepting submissions for letterers at this time. Submitting work to Thunderfrog does not mean there is any agreement, or guarantee of acceptance or publishing. If accepted, we will contact you, and discuss the terms of the agreement. Please send all submission to: No hard copies, or "snail mail submissions accepted at this time.