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Thunderfrog originals


Writing: Woody Arnold

Art: Tad Martindale

Standard Comic

Black and White

Page Count: 24

$3.99 POD

A peaceful day in the country is shattered when a battle erupts in the back-fields of a farm. What happens next will change the world forever.


Theo had his life all planned out. Everything made sense. He would grow up, get married, raise a family, inherit the family farm and grow old watching his grandchildren enjoy a good life. And then he found the most powerful weapon in history.

The Thunderfrog Issue 1

The Thunder Frog © Thunderfrog Studios. All rights reserved.



1 thru 6

now available!

Created by Harrison Wood

Standard Comic

Full Color

Page Count: 24

$3.99 POD


"Chapter 1: Genesis is a wonderful retelling of the early history of the Anunnaki. It follows the events of the lost Book of Enki where the scribe Endubsar meets Enki and writes his memoirs in the last days of Sumer. The storytelling is superbly done with dramatic flair and the graphics are astounding. If you are a fan of Zechariah Sitchin's books I seriously recommend this"

-- Allan Hopkins

Anu Nna Ki: Those Who from Heaven to Earth Came © Harrison Wood. All rights reserved.

Anu Nna ki

Issue 1


Black & White


now available!

By Harrison Wood, Keenan Reed, Victor Moya, Beth Varni, James Stone and Vince Pizarro

Standard Comic

Full Color

Page Count: 24

$4.99 POD

Thunderfrog's new anthology series featuring 3 different stories from 3 different creative teams in 3 different genres.


This issue features Poseidon's Wish, Rhombus and the Coma Story.

3 Times

Issue #1


Edited by Harrison Wood, Woody Arnold, and Keenan Reed

Trade Paperback

Full Color

Page Count: 134

$25 POD

Features up-and-coming creative talent working alongside industry professionals on both original and web-series inspired fantasy & sci-fi creations.

The Mission: to put smiles on kids' faces and raise some much needed funds for the Seattle Children's Hospital. IT'S ALL FOR THE KIDS!!!

So chip in for this worthy cause where 100% of all proceeds go to help the sick and injured kids who need it most.

Charitable Anthology vol.3

Thunderfrog Charitable Anthology TM and © Thunderfrog Studios. All rights reserved.


Friends of Thunderfrog

Written by David Herbert

Art by Harrison Wood

Standard Size Trade Paperback

Full Color

Page Count: 144

Collects the first five issues of Gemini Storm.

$20.99 POD


For ten years the city of Junessa has been quarantined to prevent the horrific monsters within from spreading beyond its borders. But now a young warrior has appeared with the hope that one of the city's residents can save them. Unfortunately, that resident turns out to be more interested in killing everyone she can get her hands on than trying to save the world.

Gemini Storm Volume One TM and © David Herbert and Harrison Wood. All rights reserved.

Gemini Storm

Volume One


Created by Drew Miller

Published by Neoglyphic Media


Black and White

Page Count: 32

Price: $8


Poor Thing is done in a 'one-man anthology' style and features some of the drippyest, oozinest comics you’ll ever see. This first issue immerses the reader in a darkly hillarious world of meticulously detailed grime and cartoony goofery. To coin a term, Ren and Stimpy-esque. The intricacy of Drew’s pen work is phenominal! The next issue couldn’t come soon enough.

Poor Thing © Drew Miller. All rights reserved.

Poor thing

Number ONe


Find out more in this article which first appeared in What's Up! Magazine, January 2013.