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Harrison wood. Founder, Owner, Creator, Art Director of ThunderFrog. Originally from Seattle, he taught himself to draw after he fell in love with Comics and comic book storytelling. Loving the work of John Romita JR, john Byrne, Steve Ditko, Oliver Coipel, Ryan SOOK, Moritat, Brandon Graham, john Romita SR, of course Jack Kirby, and too many others to name. In 2003 I stared ThunderFrog with KC Franks story boarding a short film at Beth's cafe in Seattle. From there we put out a charity book which benefited the Seattle Children's hospital, and it went from there. Creator, co-writer and artist on the 2003 web comic "Kat and Dogg" various short stories and one shots as pencils, or pencils and inks. In 2009 became the artist for Gemini Storm, with writer David Herbert. Also started work on my Anu nna Ki trade in 2009. And in 2015 created the ThunderFrog Anthology book "3 times". Credits include Writer/pencils, and sometimes inks on various ThunderFrog titles. You can see my work on Facebook at: On deviant: Http://
Anu Nna K1 C0m1c Ser1es Kat and DOGG
Keenan Reed Writer of Poseidon's Wish and Co-Writer of Rhombus in the 3 Times Anthology by Thunderfrog Studios. Writer on the Thunderfrog Charitable Anthology Volume 3. Keenan Reed is comic book writer, letterer, editor, and producer from Seattle.
James Stone Inker for the Short Story "Rhombus" in the 3 Times Anthology published by Thunderfrog. Lead Artist for Immortal Samurai Comics and one of the Creators of Conquest. Artist of Chain Reaction one shot by writer Josh Southall and Conquest,Cape Haven, and many other upcoming titles written by Steve Stone. James Stone is from Las Vegas, NV and was always a fan of art. He never really pursued sequential art seriously until High School where he was the vice president of the art club and editor of the high school comic book. After High School he received many packages from FL about a comic book called Conquest which was originally drawn by his older brother Steve. After much refining, the stories were sent for James to take over the art. He is a self taught artist, studying comic art from his vast comic book collection. Notable favorites include Jim Lee, Scott McDaniel, Erik Larsen, Frank Miller, Mike Turner, Mike Wieringo, Scott Williams & Richard Friend to name but a few. Starting out with pencil on paper to the digital realm, he uses a combination of both to keep improving his skills. James is also an active member of the local Las Vegas Comic Community, spreading his love for comics and art on paper and on the Set in Stone Podcast! Most Social Media: @JamesLeeStone
Vic Moya Inker on Posiedon's Wish in the 3 Times Anthology for Thunderfrog Studios. Vic Moya is a Las Vegas based freelance inker who has worked for companies such as IDW, Zenescope, First Comics as well as others. When not slinging the ink, he can be found behind his drumset playing with any number of punk, hardcore or thrash bands.
Rebecca Jo mataya Colorist on Posiedon's Wish in the 3 Times Anthology for Thunderfrog Studios. Rebecca grew up in Henderson, NV. where she graduated from Basic H.S. in 2005 and shortly after found herself amongst a crowd of those who encouraged her spirit. In 2007 she helped create and design several photos and illustrated many images for Ryan Grahm until 2009 where she took a brief break to discover her style. Eventually she found her way into a creative community within Las Vegas and became a featured painter at Talky Trees every month from June until August of 2010. In October of 2010 she was artist of the month and was given a one month showing of her gallery at The Muse as well as the featured painter at Painter's and Poet's the following month. From November of 2010 until July of 2014 she was an artist for Nuclear Bombshells. She then became Art Director for Duel at Dusk from July of 2012 to April of 2013 during which she provided art for Las Vegas's first annual Pirate Fest in April of 2013. Shortly after she found her home coloring some posters for LFDF Comics and Thunder Frog. Check out my website at: You can also find me at:
Timm Higgins Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest to a pack of wild rabbits, Timm has been talking into a microphone for nearly half of his life (which is strange since he was raised by rabbits, and rabbits as you know don't talk). You can find him wandering the streets of Portland looking for inspiration which will likely show up in a comic he's writing. When he's not writing comics, he's writing about his favorite soccer team Real Madrid as a staff writer for a Real Madrid blog on SBNation. Loves long walks on the beach and sunsets. Managing Madrid,
Brad Allen Moon After obtaining my A.F.A. in Fine Arts in 2001, I began working in the comic book industry in a variety of capacities; including, script breakdowns, pencil layouts, color-work, all the way to finished pages in both traditional and digital platforms. I have been selling landscape and figurative paintings as well as drawings through both gallery and private commissions going back to the late 90's. Currently I’m living in Seattle, Washington and back in school working towards my B.S. in VFX/Motion Graphics program at the Art Institute of Seattle. My focus is Matte Painting, Compositing, Mo-graph and Environment Design/Modelling. . On the rare occasion I actually have free-time you can find me playing hockey or roaming the woods looking for epic art inspiration. Whiskey sipping and shenanigans are also a happy bi-product.