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Hello all, It has been quite a time working on this crossover event. I had to work on the ol' writing muscle again, as I haven't really written much in years. It has been fun though, Getting to finish up the "Kat and Dogg" story arch that Kc and I left off on back in 2008 when it was a weekly web comic. I had forgotten how fun it was to actually plot and write stuff. I think I have all the loose ends tied up from both stories, and I think you'll dig what I've got in the works. With that, most of it's written or plotted out. With issue 2 of "3 Times" on the way and another chapter of Rhombus in that which takes us closer to the crossover, I needed to get Kat and Dogg caught up so that the stories come together as smooth as possible. I'm now finishing the 6th issue of that now, which leads into issue 7 and goes into the crossover. So, here's a short preview of what's to come in issue 6. Father Grimmes has died and Kat has to tell Jancie about her work, which just happens to be the club (and, of course, trouble)! :) keep coming back for updates, and release dates. Onward and Upwards! Harrison