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Hello all, Harrison Wood here. I can't tell you how incredible it feels to be doing the thing I live the most and to have all of you. Be able to see the fruits of my labor. Creating comics me drawing is something that I have enjoyed, and been in love with for well over 30 years (I'm 41 as I write this.) I feel humbled and honored to be a part of something bigger than me, and it's extremely exciting, tiring, and everything in between to be able to grow ThunderFrog into something I am not only proud of, but humbled by. And, I thank you for being a part of it, and for taking the journey with us. So, let me tell you about what I've been working on. All the way back in 2003, I co-wrote (with my buddy Kc M. Franks) and drew a comic called Kat and Dogg that I originally created and drew back in 1993. And, no, no one will see it and how horrible it was. Hahahah! After we ran into some obstacles and never published it, until 2008, and we published it on the web, via Drunk Duck You can actually read the first 5 issues and the first 4 pages of issue 6. (The first issue is available here, and the rest will be posted here shortly as well.) Then we stopped. the story arc unfinished. fast forward to now, and I'm working on this book Rhombus, and it occurs to me, with whats' going on, I could bring back Kat and have her be a part of this, and at least introduce one of my old characters to a new audience. Then I started thinking some more, and jumped on the phone to Kc, and told him of an idea I had. Long story short. there will be a Thunderfrog Presents: Kat and Dogg/Rhombus crossover. :) You can keep up to date on it and when it will be happening on our website: You can also purchase a copy of the Anthology book called "3 Times" on the page. This book has a bit for everyone, and features 3 short stories of 8 pages each. Withe the "Rhombus" story continuing throughout upcoming issues. The Kat and Dogg story arch will be completed as well, then get ready for the over-sized one-shot that will feature the team-up and conclusion of both story arc's. This will be featured on the Thunder Frog Studios website to promote the crossover. Keep up to date on the progress of this adventure on the Thunder Frog Studios Facebook page, or right here. Onward and Upwards! Harrison

Kat and Dogg & Rhombus Copyright Harrison Wood 2016

"Katrina and  Kat" from my Sketchbook. Copyright Harrison Wood 2016