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Hello all, Since we're in the re-vamping stage of The company. Website and a lot of other things, I figured i'd take ya back to the beginning. How it all began. Back in 2003, I was approached by a friend of my mother’s to do a commission of a little girl named Tao, who had a brain tumor and was at the Seattle Children’s hospital receiving treatment. She had wanted me to draw Tao as a warrior, fighting a tumor monster. So I did. And, in doing so, came up with an entire story, and backstory on this girl’s character that I wanted to draw. So, i approached a good buddy of mine who would end up being my creative partner and co-writer on a lot of projects. Within a month, I had gotten together 3 creative teams together, who each came up with an 8 page short about kids in the Hospital who either over came their disease, or learned how to cope better with their situation. and the First Thunderfrog Charity Anthology was born. Every person that worked on this book donated their time and talents, and all of the money made was given to the Seattle Children’s Hospital. As that’s where Tao was, and that’s who saved my life when I had my first really bad Asthma Attack at 11. Fast Forward to 2016, and we are still going. We may not be as big as the guys you hear about all the time. But, we do what we can. Putting out fun and entertaining comic books, web comics, and 2 years ago (2014) we put out our 3rd Charity Anthology. This time is was the biggest yet. 13 short stories, by 13 different creative teams, and even called in a favor or 2 from some I know. It’s actually still available . Onward and Upwards! Harrison

Pencils: Dev Madan

Inks: Harrison Wood

Colors: Justin "Moritat" Norman

Copyright Thunderfrog Studios 2016

Thunderfrog Owner/Creator Harrison Wood,

along with VP/Creator KC Franks and

Bill Thompson presenting our first check to

Seattle Children's Hospital back in 2004.

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