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We offer internships for art students who are looking for a crash-course introduction to sequential art and comic production. In addition to other tasks all interns will have the chance to produce a script and receive valuable criticism.

Unless Thunderfrog Studios profits directly from the work, all internships are unpaid.

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Since the beginning of recorded history on planet Earth, the mission of Thunderfrog Studios has been to create optimal conditions for those who care deeply about comics.


Indeed, every time you contact Thunderfrog Studios for a worthy reason you shall be rewarded with a sudden feeling of euphoria, not unlike that experienced by early man after a hard day tilling the soil, prior to the  invention of the plow.


But what constitutes a worthy reason, you may ask? Well first off, nothing angry, whiny, or mean. Secondly, only contact Thunderfrog Studios if you expect a reply, because we make a point of replying to everyone.


If you have a comic and you'd like to have it featured on our Shop page, let us know and if we dig it we'll post it with a description and link to where it can be purchased. Please only provide copyrighted works. Same deal for Web Comics.


Oh yeah, and if you notice an artist, writer, letterer, colorist, etc. that you like, and you wish to inquire about page rates or possible collaboration, that's okay too. It never hurts to ask, and most of us are going hungry.

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